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What products do Designer Waxing use?

Designer Waxing is proud to use Outback Organic brands of wax from the UK. We’ve found them to be the most effective hair removal wax on the market.  In fact, most say it is pain-free in comparison to using strip wax on sensitive areas.

The pre-waxing oil contains jasmine and chamomile essential oils.   Both hot wax and strip waxes are suitable for sensitive skin.

Before hot waxing a light film of pre-waxing oil is applied to the skin.  This soothes the skin and prevents the wax from sticking, making your experience comfortable, clean and efficient.  Hot wax can remove hair as short as 2mm and contains soothing ingredients that nurture the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

After waxing, we use an organic, fairtrade tea tree cream which soothes and cools the skin and acts as a deterrent for ingrown hairs.  We believe aftercare is very important following any waxing treatment, so we sell the tea tree cream as well as shower gel in the salon so that you can continue to use this amazing product at home after showering or bathing.