Designer Waxing |Male and Female Waxing Glasgow

Designer Waxing, located at 94 Bath Street in Glasgow is Scotland’s original and best dedicated
face, body, and intimate waxing service.

We specialise in intimate waxing for women and men using hot wax (non-strip) for all intimate waxing.
We have five bikini waxes to choose from including Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing.
Come in and feel the difference and you’ll never go back to strip wax!

Female Intimate Waxing


All hair from pubic area and bum is removed. £39


A strip of hair is left at the front. All other hair is removed, including labia and bum. £39


A strip or triangle of hair is left at the front and on the labia. Hair is removed from the top, high sides, and bum. £32

Extended Bikini Line

This is a high leg bikini wax, removing hair from the bikini line and inner thigh. £26

Basic Bikini Waxing

A tidy-up. Removal of hair from outside the panty line. £20

Female Upper Body Waxing

Arms & Face

Under Arm Waxing £15
Fore Arm Waxing £18
Full Arm Waxing £22
Lip Waxing £8.00
Chin Waxing £8.00
Lip & Chin Waxing £16
Full Face £25
Nostrils £10
Eyebrows £12
HD Brows £26

Upper Body

Full Back and Shoulders £25
Upper Back and Shoulders £20
Lower Back £15
Chest and Abs £25
Abs £15
Navel Line Waxing £5
Nipples £10

Female Lower Body Waxing


Full Leg Waxing £33
Upper Half Leg Waxing £24
Half Leg Waxing £22

Full Body Waxing

(Price includes intimate waxing but facial waxing is extra) £155
(Price excluding intimate) £118

Male Intimate Waxing


All pubic hair removed including buttocks. £61


Almost bare! All hair removed from anus, testicles, penis and groin with some hair left on pubic mound. £55
Brazillian including buttocks. £58


Base of penis and testicles. £36


Buttocks and anus. £35


Buttocks Only. £22


Anus Only. £25

Round the World Ticket

Full body wax (not including intimate or face waxing). £155

Round the world ticket with a stop-over in Chile

Full body wax (The Whole Shabang) £205

Male Upper Body Waxing

Arms & Face

Full back and Shoulders £32
Full back, Shoulders and Neck £36
Upper Back and Shoulders £23
Lower back £21
Neck £12
Chest and Abdomen £35
Chest £26
Abdomen £20


Full Arms including hands £25
Forearms including hands £22
Upper Arms £18
Under Arms £17
Abs £20
Hands £12


Nostrils £10
Eyebrows £12
Ears £10
Brows and Cheeks £12
Cheeks £5

Male Lower Body Waxing


Full legs including feet £40
Lower legs including feet £28
Upper Legs £26
Feet £15

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